miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

TUTORÍA Miércoles 24 de Febrero de 2010

Módulo 2. Unidad 6.

Countable/uncountable nouns.
a / an / some / any. MORE INFORMATION
Personal pronouns: subject / object.
Vocabulary: food, drinks, recipes. Practice.

Módulo 5. Unidad 6.

Types of music and Musical Instruments.
Time expressions: this Monday, next Monday, every Monday...
Relative pronouns: that / what.
Feelings and Emotions. PRACTICE

Módulo 8. Unidad 6.

Literature: Types of Books.
Agreement: So do I / Neither do I. MORE INFORMATION
Reading Habits.
Bookcrossing: What is it?

miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2010

TUTORÍA Miércoles 17 Febrero 2010

Módulo 2. Unidad 5.

Expressing preferences: like / love / hate / enjoy + -ing
So do I / Neither do I
can / must / have to / mustn't / don't have to
Pronunciation: /dʒ/ /j/. PRACTICE

Módulo 5. Unidad 5.

Expressing opinions, feelings, agreement: think, consider, agree ...
Adjectives of personality: EXERCISE
Do you believe in horoscopes? Check your sign

Módulo 8. Unidad 5.

Third Conditional: Information and quiz.
Homelessness. QUESTIONS for conversation
Rich and Poor. Social differences.